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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A short tour in numbers...

From Thursday 25th October - Wednesday 31st October...

6: Counties played in.
22: Counties travelled through.
7: Gigs played.
5: Different ensembles played with.
3: Tunes relating to Hallowe'en played.
1: Hats knitted.
2: Balls of wool purchased.
4: Blog entries written.
52: Photos taken.
57: Times I've listened to the Christmas song (whilst making the promotional video on YouTube - see what all my effort has produced!:
1. New songs learnt (Bouncin with Bud.  Thanks, Dan! - it's hard!!)
5. Beds slept in.
1. Coaches slept on.

Photographic evidence follows:
Pre-gig dinner with the band in Barnstaple

On stage at the Barnstaple Fringe Festival

Strange backdrop at our gig in Monmouthshire!

Dan Whieldon and me at Smith's restaurant, Eccles

The hat is finished!

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