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Sunday, 2 December 2012

"It's Christmas time, bells are ringing again..."

TODAY is the biggest day for me in my professional music career.

Over the last 5 months, I have been writing, recording and publicising a project which has not only taken over my waking life but also my dreams and subconscious thoughts!  Every bike ride has been accompanied by tubular bells; every post office trip, a shaking of sleigh bells.  And it has all been working towards this day, when everything is finally in place.

It's the release of my Christmas song - Let the Light Shine Down - which has been recorded by the children at my primary school in Bermondsey.  The children are from an under-privileged area, so having the experience of going to the BBC studios (meeting John Major - although none of them knew who he was of course!), being featured on a YouTube video, and having the chance to sing on the stage at Westfield in Stratford has been an enriching part of their primary education.

At the BBC studios - getting excited about recording.

We are selling the song to raise money for a music charity - Music as Therapy International - which works with teachers and carers to provide musical therapy for disabled children and adults.

Our aim is to sell 3,000 copies this week - this will mean that we make enough money from single sales  (the song only costs 99p) to make a decent donation to the charity, and also have a chance of getting into the UK top 40, thereby continuing the amazing experience for these primary school children.

So please consider buying a copy, and spreading the word around with your friends and colleagues - particularly people who are involved in the music business for whom this cause is so relevant.

You can buy it on iTunes for 99p:

Thank you so much, and happy December!

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